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Smart QA, Boutique QA/RA training, consulting & implementation assist company


Who are we and what we do?

Smart QA” is an Israeli based company  Founded at 2014 by Mr.Shlomo Nachmani.

Our company specializes in providing consultation services for medical device companies and specially start-ups and medium size companies.

We consult mainly in the field of quality & regulatory implementations and maintenance with effective and lean methods that include lean quality procedures and forms

Mr.Nachmani have developed The lean method which is based of more than 20 years of experience as a multi-disciplinarian medical devices system manager and later on as a QA/RA manager

Our main goal after so many years of experience in our field and understanding our clients “burden” dealing with building & implementing quality assurances system and having to pass all regulatory demands is to build them a lean, effective and easy to use system.

All of this was able to happen thanks to Mr.Nachmani vast knowledge, expertise and ability to have a 360 degree outlook of the company and its management needs.


Who Am I?


My name is Shlomo Nachmani and I’m the founder of “Smart QA” which is an Israeli based company. 

I have B.Sc in mechanical engineering and M.Sc in biomedical engineering (Technion, Israel) my thesis subject was defining the contractility power of the left ventricular.

 I am a lead auditor of one of the leading notified bodies and the 1st to gain the MDR approval – BSI and I also advice to the RvA Duch accreditation body in ISO:13485 audits.

I have more than 10 years of expertise as a R&D and system engineering.

All this years of expertise in varies aspects of Quality assurance and regulatory demands gave me the tools to give all-around service an ensure our clients the safe path to achieve their 


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